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To benefit fully from your treatment it is advised that you follow some simple guidelines immediately after your treatment and also during the weeks leading up to your next treatment. whether you are having a Facial , a Massage or a Manicure or Pedicure you will find all the aftercare you need listed on the relevant pages.

Nutrition also plays an important part of your beauty regime so check the 'Nutrition for Beauty' page for fabulous beauty juices and nutrutious recipes to make at home that will complement your daily beauty routine and wellbeing. 

'Did you know? whatever you put on your body is absorbed by your skin, and can either enhance your health or increase your chemical load. choosing organic products with added nutrients can not only encourage good health, but increase your natural energy by reducing the burden on your liver and other organs.'
Neals Yard Remedies 'Looking good and feeling younger' by Susan Curtis, Alex Kirchin & Karen Sullivan.

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